Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant: From Paper to Software

Aug. 8, 2018 | By Daniella Javilles

Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant is a family-owned business in Davao City, Philippines. It has been in operation since 1992 serving a wide variety of fresh seafoods and Filipino dishes. They currently have three branches: Ecoland, Torres, and Lanang; And one Commissary.

With Yellow Fin’s growing business, it has become arduous to manage their sales, accounting, and inventory. With one commissary to stock all the branches and one back office to manage their accounting, the Yellow Fin management team is loaded with work. Tracking the ins and outs of stock and the expense and profit of branches takes an ample amount of time. Which is why they are taking their business to new heights with Flyt!

Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant: From Paper to Software

Flyt for restaurant automates the processes involved in running the business. The management team doesn’t have to wait for reports from their branches because Flyt can be viewed on any device and it serves real time updates. This all-in-one app makes managing multiple branches seamless. With Flyt, Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant is moving forward from paper to software!

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