Chippens is Now Powered by Flyt!

May 31, 2018 By | Daniella Javilles

Chippens Buffet Restaurant has been in the business since 1986 which has evolved from a regular restaurant buffet, to adding catering and dormitory services, and now, is one of the go to places for best buffets and also one of the top catering services in Davao City. They also have launched to the public, last 2016, The Salome’s Garden, an even place, which also serves as their commissary. They have approximately 80 employees.

Last May 31, 2018, Flyt had a kickoff meeting with Mr. Charlyn San Jose and Mrs. Sally San Jose along with their children to introduce Flyt as their business solution. The meeting was a success because Flyt had everything they were looking for. By July 16, 2018, Flyt scheduled a meeting with Chippens to have the onboarding meeting to officially start the implementation of Flyt. The San Jose family has finally decided to take their business to new heights with Flyt!

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