Tapa King goes Live!

May 31, 2018 By | Daniella Javilles

Tapa King - Davao is a fast food chain franchise that currently has three branches and has been in the business since 2016. They have approximately 80 employees. Tapa King - Davao has a POS system that connects to their head office but had no inventory/purchasing system and HR System locally.

March 2018, Tapa King - Davao gave their trust to Flyt to provide a solution to their problem. With little to no delays, Flyt took action and provided Tapa King - Davao with a cloud-based inventory, purchasing, and manufacturing system.

The Flyt team provided training to Tapa King employees to make sure that their transition to the cloud-based system would be flawless. Since Flyt’s interface is incredibly user-friendly, the employees had no trouble learning the ins and outs of using the system. In just one month, Tapa King - Davao went live with Flyt!

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